5 Ways a Blogger Can Collaborate with Brands Successfully

how can a blogger do collaboration with brands

In business, collaborations are a way of life. It is one of the most common things across various industries. When it comes to blogging, collaborations provide huge opportunities for a blogger to earn extra money while expanding their reach. However, the real question is; how can a blogger do collaboration with brands?

This is the question I want to answer in this article. To help you understand how you can go about securing blogging collaborations with brands.

It is important to ensure you take care of the basics first. This means you should ensure your blog is in a position to attract and get attention of brands.

If you are running a blog or want to start a blog, you should aim at maximizing the earning potential of your blog. You should look for ways to generate more income from your efforts.

Collaborations can help you supplement your blog income.

Why Brand Collaborations are Important

As a blogger, you might be wondering; why are brand collaborations important?

To understand this, you need to think like a brand, and find the benefits of collaborations.

Businesses seek or enter into collaborations for the following reasons;

  1. To increase market share.
  2. Sharing of knowledge
  3. Get more customers.
  4. Increase the profits or profit margins.
  5. Help the brand reach a wider audience.

That is why brand collaborations are important and the reasons why a company might be seeking for a blogger to collaborate with.

There are many ways in which a blogger can do collaboration with brands. I will be sharing witrh you more information on this below.

How Bloggers Can Collaborate with Brands

When as a blogger you collaborate with a brand, it means that you and the brand have come together. The main objective is to create and publish a piece of content.

The goal of this engagement is to promote a brand, increase the exposure and increase sales which ultimately lead to more business revenues.

5 Ways a Blogger Collaborates with Brands

Being a blogger means you run and manage a blog. This is a powerful platform where you share and publish content.

It is one of the reasons a brand might be seeking to collaborate with you so that they can be able to leverage your platform.

The ways a blogger can do collaboration with brands include;

  1. Sponsored posts.
  2. Interview write-ups
  3. Affiliate marketing.
  4. Allow a brand to guest post.
  5. Product or service reviews.

These are ways in which you can collaborate with a brand as a blogger.

How Can a Blogger do Collaboration with Brands.

To succeed in doing collaboration with brands as blogger, you should do the following;

  1. Grow your blog’s audience.
  2. Create relationships with brands
  3. Find brands that fit with your blog
  4. Promote your blog to companies
  5. Add value to the potential brands
  6. Have a media kit
  7. Do research.

How do you Approach Brands for Collaboration?

If you are interested in having brand collaboration as part of your blog monetization, you will need to find ways to approach brands.

It is important to know how to talk to your potential clients and brands to collaborate.

This starts with your understanding of your blog audience and metrics. You should have the numbers important to the brand you want to approach.

You should start approaching the brands long before you seek a collaboration deal. Reach out to them and keeps lines of communication open.

This will help you later on when sending your brand collaboration proposal. You will not be very new to the brand and that could help you a great deal.

5 Ways on How to Approach Brands for Collaborations

For a blogger to do collaboration with brands, there is need to approach the brands.

Here are the five key steps you can do to approach brands for collaborations.

  1. Let the brand know about your blog.
  2. Identify the right contact.
  3. Send the brand an email.
  4. Start and build a relationship with the brand.
  5. Engage the brand on social media.

It is important to ensure you do everything you can to do as a blogger to approach and win a collaboration deal.

Let me explain how you can approach a brand or a company to secure collaboration.

  1. Let the brand know about your blog

You should find ways to ensure the brand knows about your existence.

As a blogger, you would want to be seen and heard by the brand you are targeting to collaborate with.

  1. Identify the right contact.

Another way to approach a brand is by reaching out to someone within the company.

To make this work, you should look for and identify the right contact within the brand’s company. Once you do, you should establish a way to communicate with them.

  1. Send the brand an email.

Email remains a big part of marketing for bloggers. Email marketing works and it would be smart for you to send an email to the brand.

At this point, you have already identified a contact and therefore sending them would be a smart move.

This allows you to continue building your relationship with the brand.

  1. Start and build a relationship with the brand.

I have mentioned this before and it is very important to establish a relationship with your target brand.

As a blogger, it would be strategic to build and start this relationship way before you propose a collaboration.

Every good business deal is based on a good relationship. It is your responsibility as a blogger to build trust with your clients.

  1. Engage the brand on social media.

In today’s world, social media is playing a significant role in marketing.

If you want to approach and do collaboration with a brand, it makes a lot of sense to follow or engage the brand on their socials.

You will learn a lot about the brand, including how they position themselves in the market.

These insights will help you learn how to collaborate with brands you are interested in.

Do Bloggers Charge for Collaboration?

Now that you want to do collaborations, you might be wondering if bloggers charge for them.

The simple answer is that bloggers charge for collaborations.

However, the decision as to when to start charging is purely personal and depends on the level of your blog.

It would make sense if your blog has some level of traction in terms of traffic. This would allow you to price for your efforts correctly.

As a blogger, you might be tempted to offer free services to brands. While this is a good idea to get your blog into a brand’s orbit, it might prove to be costly when you start charging.

A brand you have offered free services in the past might wonder why you have started charging. You might also lose some brands who might not be ready to take up your paid services.

In my opinion, I would advise that you think carefully about your blog’s positioning in the market.

How do Bloggers help Brands?

The reason why we are talking about brand collaboration is because blogging helps brands. The real question is how.

As a blogger, you should be able to understand the value you bring to a brand. This will help you negotiate well and get the right kind of a deal

Bloggers help brands in the following ways;

  1. To attract new clients.
  2. Increasing a brand’s visibility.
  3. Helps in marketing and advertising.
  4. Builds trust with your audience.
  5. Create authority.
  6. Promotes a brand to existing and new audiences.
  7. Generate more revenues.

As a brand manager you might be wondering if there are bloggers out there who are looking for brand collaboration. The simple answer is there are many. You can check out this resource on how to reach out and make a deal with a blogger or influencer.

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In conclusion, you can learn how a blogger can collaborate with a brands and earn some income.

To get there, there are a few things you can do as a blogger to do collaboration. You should make sure your blog is ready and provides the right fit for the brand you are working with.

This means you should focus on growing your blog’s audience promoting it and reaching the right target audience.

A brand will be looking to get value from collaborating with your blog. It is your responsibility to show the brand that your blog will create value to their brand marketing efforts.