How to Grow Your Blog and Earn Money

how to grow your blog and earn money

Starting a blog is one thing. Growing your blog to the level of generating money for you is quite another. It is not difficult to learn how to grow your blog and earn money if you have the right mindset. You can do it.

When I started my blog, I was excited at the prospect of building something from scratch. The idea of starting a blog and growing it into income generating digital asset is a challenge you probably cherish. At least I did.

The potential for your blog to earn income or money for you is huge. However, you will go through the trial and error phase before everything starts working well.

This is the phase I would want you to avoid. My goal with this article is to help you figure out how you can grow your blog and start earning money.

How to Grow Your Blog and Earn Money

There are several ways in which you can grow your blog and earn money. It requires your dedication and consistency in building your blog as an asset.

The ways you can grow your blog into an income generating asset include;

  1. Combine your blog with other platform.
  2. Use video content to compliment your blog.
  3. Use email marketing to build trust.
  4. Improve your copy-writing skills
  5. Build and cultivate a supportive community.
  6. Provide value to your audience.
  7. Analyze and understand your audience using analytics.

The above are some of the ways you can use to grow your blog and generate revenue for yourself or your business.

It is argued that a blog can become of your sources of passive income, and help you meet your financial goals.

Let us look into each of these ideas.

7 Hacks to Grow Your Blog and Earn Money

One of the reasons people start a blog is to be able to earn or generate money from it. It is a noble idea, and the money you generate can offset some or all of your expenses.

There are individual bloggers and also published who make full-time income from blogging.

If this is your objective, the following seven hacks will help you grow and earn money from your blog.

  1. Combine your blog with other platform.

It is important for you to consider combining your blog with other platforms.

What this means is that you should aim to capture people’s attention across different platforms.

While it is important to use social media to promote your content, I would advise you to use only search engine-based platforms.

These would be using;

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

These three platforms allow you to focus on getting organic audience. If you optimize your content well, you will be found by the right audience, the people who are looking for the content you are creating.

  1. Use video content to compliment your blog.

Another way for you to grow you blog and earn money is to use video content to compliment your blog.

There is an increased consumption of video content. YouTube is the second largest search engine after google. This is a clear indication that people are consuming video content.

You should ensure that you incorporate videos into your content strategy.

  1. Use email marketing to build trust.

While driving traffic to your blog is very important, building trust with your audience is equally if not more important.

If you are interested in growing your blog to earn money, you should ensure you have a mechanism to develop trust with your audience.

They say people buy from people they know and trust. Nothing builds trust in online business than email marketing.

You should find a system and a platform to capture email addresses from visitors to your blog posts. Once you have them, the next step is to engage them on email.

Use emails to allow them to get to know you, continue to create value and build trust.

This will make it very easy if you ask them to buy your digital products. It will also be good if you want to use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog. They will be receptive to your recommendations because they already trust you.

  1. Improve your copy-writing skills.

Blogging is a journey and requires a host of different skills. One skill you should learn and develop is copy-writing.

Ability to write good copy is critical when it comes to how to grow your blog and earn money.

This is a skill you need when creating your content as well as creating your sales copy.

For example, have a sales page that converts will help you make more sales and thus make more money.

Also, you need to have the skills to create eye-catching headlines that will drive more traffic to your website and content.

I have learned on the job how to do this, and I am still improving by checking what is working. You can do this by checking your analytics report.

  1. Build and cultivate a supportive community.

Having a blogging business is the same as having a normal brick-and-mortar business. You need to find a community of people who love what you do or provide.

I do not know whether you have heard of the ‘1000 true fans’. This is an idea promoted by writer Kevin Kelly. He argues that to achieve success with your business, you need to have 1000 true fans.

These are people who will consume and buy any product or service you get to the market.

Having that kind of community will help you grow your blog and earn money. You just need to engage this modest base of ‘true fans’ to make a living off your blog.

Therefore, you should take proactive actions towards building and cultivating a supportive community.

  1. Provide value to your audience.

This is a very important point, so ensure you understand this well.

The real reason you have a blog is to provide value to your audience. Never forget that.

You will grow your blog and earn money as much as you are providing value to your community.

It is often to find a blogger complaining about success metrics, yet when you audit their blog, you find that they are not providing any value to their audience.

You need to get this right if you are to achieve any success with your blogging business.

Find the pain point of your audience. Understand the problems they are facing. With that, then go and provide them with the best solution you can find out.

The solution could be a piece of information, where you help them solve a problem. It could also be you recommending a product or service to them which helps them solve their current challenge.

For that you earn a commission if you are an affiliate of that product or service. That is how affiliate marketing works.

For example, this article is trying to help you grow your blog and earn money. I am therefore giving you information and ideas that if implemented should help you solve that problem today.

Do that with your blog and audience.

  1. Analyze and understand your audience using analytics.

Peter Drucker was right when he said “If it cannot be measured, it cannot be managed”.

As a blogger, you have access to a wide range of tools that can help you measure how your blog is performing.

You can be able to understand your most popular articles, how people are interacting with your content, the time they spend on your website and many other aspects.

Using data analytics will help you to manage your blogging business.

When you analyze and understand your audience, you will be able to grow your blog and earn money.

If you have not, I would advise that you ensure you have a tool to capture your blog’s performance data. Start with Google Analytics which will provide you with a wealth of feedback.

Acting on the feedback from the analytics tool will prove very important in improving user experience and monetization of your blog.


In conclusion, blogging has the potential to provide you with an income generating asset.

I talk of an asset because from a finance point of view, an asset is considered to be something that generates or brings money.

This means that if you work hard to grow your blog, it is possible to have an asset that will be generating cash for you.

Some of the ways in which you can grow your blog and earn money include providing value to your audience, creating great content, and building trust with your audience.

You can use display adverts, affiliate marketing, sponsorship and selling your own products or services to generate money from your blog.

You can learn how to start a blog here.