How Much Money Do You Gain by Blogging in the First Month

money you gain by blogging the first month

The excitement of starting a blog is usually the potential of what is possible. You get the ability to create and build your own business. You become your own boss where you dictate your schedule and you get the freedom to work from anywhere. However, the bigger question is usually about how much money you gain by blogging in the first month.

The thought of earning money from a blog, while working from home or from the balcony of a beach hotel is exhilarating.

Waking up at your own pace and being in charge of your daily hours is very attractive. It is different from the commute or the hours you spend in office, mostly doing something you actually do not like. And tolerating a bad boss!

In all honesty, how much do you gain by blogging in the first month? Let us explore.

How much do you Gain by Blogging in the First Month

The amount of money you make in your first month blogging depends on how your blog is monetized.

It is possible to earn zero dollars.

You can also earn anything between $100 to $2,500 in your first month blogging.

However, this is highly unlike. Let me explain.

What You Do in Your First Month Blogging.

The idea of blogging is not and should not be considered a get-rich quick scheme, because it is not.

Blogging is a lot of work and takes dedication, focus and consistency to achieve your blogging goals.

While it is possible for you to make money blogging, it is more likely you will gain zero dollars in your first month. Here is why.

In your first month, you will be starting your blog. This means you will need to choose a niche, get a domain name and secure your hosting.

‘if you do not have these already, I would recommend that you use Bluehost. They have a very nice deal for your right now if you use this link am sharing with you.

Once you have the above, the next thing you will need to do is create content. This basically means that you need to write a great deal of blog posts or articles.

You see, up to this point, we have not talked about how much you gain by blogging in the first month.

This is because you cannot think of making money with your blog in the first 30 days before you drive traffic to your blog.

Driving Traffic to Your Blog in the First Month

This is the most important step when you start a blog. You need to know how to drive traffic to your blog.

Once you start having traffic, then you can start thinking about how to monetize and gain by blogging in your first month.

Traffic is the currency in blogging.

How to Generate Traffic for a Blog in the First Month

Let us assume you have written a number of blog post and published them on your blog.

You now need to figure out how to get traffic. This means get people to see, read and interact with your blog.

It sounds easy, right? Not so fast.

There are only two main sources of traffic. These are;

  1. Organic or search traffic (free).
  2. Paid traffic (advertising).

As a new or beginner blogger, you should focus on generating organic or search traffic which is free.

This is unless you have deep pockets of cash. Still, I would advise you not to get or focus on paid traffic. This requires a deeper understanding of blogging economics.

Am not sure in your first month you want to spend your time and money on this.

Organic traffic takes time and this means there is not much you can gain by blogging in the first month in terms of money.

However, if you invest in generating traffic, the biggest gain you will make by blogging in the first month will be from driving some traffic to your blog.

How to make money blogging in the first month.

In my journey as a blogger, the first month was very interesting. I created and published seventeen blog posts.

Based on the keyword research, I was able to get some traffic to the blog in the first month.

On that basis, I applied to join Google’s advertising program, Adsense. In the first month of blogging, I earned $4.75 on the back of 297 pageviews.

To make money in your first month blogging, you can do the following;

  • Have adverts on your blog.
  • Use affiliate marketing.

Those are the easiest ways in which you can gain money by blogging in your first month. Other monetization opportunities are going to come by as the blog grows in both content and mostly in traffic.

What to Expect in the First month Blogging

The first month or rather first 30 days of blogging are about starting a blog, learning how to blog and how to generate content for your blog.

You should expect little or no traffic in the first month.

It is also possible that you be making mistakes and it is advisable to not be too hard on yourself.

Also, you should expect to work really hard if you are serious about your blog.

If you want your blog to be a full time business, you will be required to show up every day and put in the work.

Like I mentioned earlier, blogging is not a get-rich quick scheme, but it can be your engine for economic and financial freedom.

Can You Make Money Your First Month Blogging

The easiest way to make money in your first month blogging is through affiliate marketing.

Here you basically promote someone else’s products or services and get a commission or a cut once the person makes a purchase.

You get a special link that you use to promote the product or the service.

However, this also depends on your ability to drive traffic to your blog in the first month.

This means that once you write a blog post, you will be required to promote it to your friends, to your social networks and any other place that can help you generate traffic.

How Long Does it Take to Make $500 per Month Blogging

Based on reports by various bloggers, you would take about 3 to 6 months to receive organic traffic to your blog.

If you have adverts and affiliate marketing as ways to monetize your blog, it is possible to earn $500 in 6 months.

Take this with a grain of salt.

Simply because there are so many factors that influence when you can reach this milestone. It all depends on your efforts, the niche you are in and how soon your blog gets traffic.

On average, it takes about 37 weeks for a new post to reach the maximum traffic levels it will get from the search engines.


In conclusion, how much money you gain by blogging in the first month depends on a number of factors.

If I were you, I would not focus on how much money, but on how much traffic the blog is going to generate.

There are three main systems you should focus on when you start a blog. These are;

  1. Traffic generation.
  2. Building trust with your audience..
  3. Monetization or how your blog makes money.

As you can see, there is some work to be done before you actually start thinking about money from blogging.