Will Blogging Still Be Worthwhile in 2022 – Top 5 Secrets Revealed

will blogging still be worthwhile in 2022

The constant change in the world often leaves someone thinking about life and how to get the most out of it. I am sure you are also thinking about how you can have both financial and geographical freedom. If you are a blogger or want to get into blogging, nothing provides a way into such kind of a lifestyle than blogging. However, the real question today is; will blogging still be worthwhile in 2022?

Blogging is not easy. It requires commitment, focus and being helpful to the audience or the community you are serving, or intend to serve.

Starting or running a blog is one of the ways in which you can make money online. It can also be a side hustle, something you do alongside your ‘normal’ job.

In this article, you’ll learn why you can still become a money-making blogger in 2022, how much new bloggers make, the different ways bloggers make money, how to actually go about making that blog money and why you should become a blogger in 2022.

Will blogging still be worthwhile in 2022?

The simple answer is YES. Blogging is relevant and will still be worthwhile in 2022 as part of content marketing strategy. This is for your personal or business brand.

The importance of blogging to your personal or business brand makes it worthwhile to build a blog in 2022.

In 2022, you will find great value and worth in having a blog. This means you should continue with your blog if you have it, or start one today.

Is blogging still worthwhile TODAY?

As we look at next year, it is important not to lose focus of today. You might be wondering whether blogging is dead in 2021 or whether it is still worth having today.

The truth is blogging is not dead. It has changed in form and structure, but it remains a very important part of content marketing.

There are several people out there who are making serious money from their blogging efforts.

Some of these are professional bloggers, but that does not mean you cannot make money too from your blog.

How You Will Make Money from Blogging in 2022

I would like to imagine that the reason you want to know if blogging will still be worthwhile in 2022 is because you want to make money from your blog.

That is a noble goal of building a blog as a business.

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to change your life and transform your situation to a lifestyle that provides you with great flexibility.

You should be thinking of different ways in which you can monetize your blog. The options available to you are only limited to your imagination. Making money from your blog provides you with an opportunity to turn blogging into a real business.

There are some common ways that bloggers make money and I will talk about these options below.

Making Money Blogging with Advertising

The easiest way to make money from your blog is from advertising. While it is easy to implement, it is also one of the lowest paying ways to monetize your blog.

Having said that, I like this option because you can easily test the viability of your blog. By using advertising platforms like Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine and AdThrive, you are creating a revenue stream for your blogging business.

To make good money with adverts from your blogs, you will need to drive thousands of traffic to your blog.

To get started on making money with adverts in your blog, you can get started with Google’s Adsense.

Once you generate more traffic, and exceed 50,000 visitors a month, you can join a premium ad network like Mediavine. With such a network, you can earn up to 10x or 50x as much for 1000 views as you would with Adsense.

I am using Adsense right now on my blog and you can find some adverts in this post somewhere.

This has proved to me that the concept works, and encourages me to continue building this blog. My goal is to hit 100,000 visitors per month in the next 12 months.

Making Money with Blog from Affiliate Marketing

This is another way in which you can make money with your blog. But you might ask, what is affiliate marketing?

In its most basic form, affiliate marketing is simply a way in which you earn money by recommending products or services you use and love to your audience.

Once someone makes a purchase through your unique link, you get a cut or a commission from that sale.

That is affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

The idea here is to ensure you only recommend products or services that you believe in. It is important to remember that you want to be helpful to your readers or audience, not just earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start monetizing your blog. There are several options or affiliate programs that you can use.

Some of these are Amazon affiliate program, Share A Sale, Clickbank and CJ Affiliates among others.

Create Your Own Products and Services

Now, this is the higher-end of a blogging or online business.

Building your own products or services means you will keep most of the profits. I say this because advert networks and affiliate programs always keep a share of the money you generate.

However, creating your own products, and I mean digital products can take time. Putting in the work or investing the time to create it provides you with an opportunity to take your blog to the next level.

This is often the most lucrative way of monetizing your blog and turning you into a five or six figure blogger.

The key here is to know your audience. Know exactly what it is they need and are willing to pay for, then create it and sell it.

If you would want to start a blog and transform your life, then this course is the perfect way to get you going.

Are blogs still relevant today?

You are trying to figure out if blogging will still be worthwhile in 2022.

The question of whether blogs are still relevant today could be on your mind. To be honest, this is something anyone interested in starting a blog is asking this year.

Blogging is still relevant today, because content continues to be the king in terms of digital marketing.

When it comes to building a brand online, increase your visibility and driving engagement with your audience, blogs are relevant to your business.

For these alone, blogging is still relevant today and one of the most cost-effective ways to market yourself or business online. In fact, blogs reach a staggering 409 million people each month, with more than 20 billion pages being consumed during that period.

Why you can still make money blogging in 2022

For you to understand whether blogging will still be worthwhile in 2022, you should get a few basic things in place.

In order to understand how you can make money blogging, you should know the value you are providing and why people would be visiting your blog in the first place.

Truth is, people are constantly looking for information or solutions online. Your goal with your blog is to provide most value to your target audience.

I am raising this today because I believe you have time to start and build a blog which will be ready in 2022.

This is simply because I believe you can still make money with a brand new blog in 2022.

I would like you to think of your life in the long term. Are you keen to transform your life?

Reasons Why Blogging Will still be Worthwhile in 2022

I hold the view that blogging will still be worthwhile in 2022. The reasons for this include;

  1. You can build trust with your audience.
  2. The numbers of internet users are increasing.
  3. Online purchases or transactions are increasing.
  4. Search Engines are working better.
  5. People are increasingly spending more time online.

Blogging provides you with a great platform to create a lifestyle you want and transform your life.

Let us now look into these five reasons further;

  1. You can build trust with your audience.

Having a blog is one of the best way in which you or your business can build trust with your audience today, and in the future.

Once you have engaged your audience and build trust, it becomes easier for you to sell them your products and services. You can also recommend affiliate products which will earn you a commission.

As you can see, trust is the basis for a successful blogging business.

  1. The numbers of internet users are increasing.

Another reason why I believe blogging will still be worthwhile in 2022 is that the numbers of internet users are increasing each year.

As technology and internet access increases, so will be the people who will be looking for information or resources online.

Having a blog that is helpful or informative positions you to tap into the increasing audience, and thus potential for more business or income for your blog.

There has never been as many people on the internet as there are today. This can only mean that blogging in 2022 will be something worthwhile for you.

The key is ensuring that you have quality content on your blog. It is possible that you will find an audience that is looking for the solution your blog is providing.

  1. Online purchases or transactions are increasing.

It is worth to note here that not only are the number of internet consumers increasing, but also the number of online purchases.

More people are now open to buying goods or services online, including using online payment platforms like PayPal among others.

This is a good thing. It provides an opportunity for you to create, build a blog that taps into the emerging opportunities.

Will blogging still be worthwhile in 2022? Well, am sure by now you are seeing the potential and the relevance of having a blog.

  1. Search engines are working better

Search engines like Google, YouTube and Pinterest have improved and are constantly improving to ensure they serve their customers well.

This kind of improvement means that a blog has potential to be seen by thousands of people on a daily basis. This should give you encouragement that your work will not be in vain.

The idea of search engine optimization is critical to the success of your blog. As the search engine algorithms improve, you get a chance to provide value to your audience.

If you do your job well, in keyword research and ensuring you optimize your content, then it is possible to have a very high ranking on the search engines.

Such ranking is important in driving traffic to your blog. Like we said earlier, having quality and high traffic would be very good for your blogging business.

This makes blogging to be still a worthwhile adventure in 2022.

  1. People are increasingly spending more time online.

Related to the above reasons why I think blogging will still be worthwhile in 2022 is the fact that people are increasingly spending more time online.

As of 2019 and 2020, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 145 minutes per day, up from 142 minutes in the previous year.

Another important statistic you should note is that about 3.75% of online time is spent by people who consume news and information.

This is about 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

This is very interesting number because when I look at my won analytics, the time spent on each page is about 6 minutes (05:59).

Another thing that is increasing the time spent online is related to payments.

Online or digital payment solutions are becoming more secure and faster. This is providing people who like doing online shopping a great experience.

This means that for your blog readers, they can now easily buy from you. You can increase your revenues and monthly income from your blog if you are able  to do a good job.

Mobile shoppers are also increasing, meaning it’s even easier to complete purchases through mobile devices… which is great, especially as over 50% of page visits are from mobile devices (even in the US).

Create a blog that’s easily consumable via mobile and desktop to reap the most rewards on your journey.


In conclusion, it is very clear that blogging will still be worthwhile in 2022.

This means that you can start a blog today, and work hard on creating content. This kind of launch would ensure that you have a great foundation for your blog.

You should watch for the blogging trends that are emerging. It would be good to be on top of things as your blogging business evolves.

If you are interested or want to transform your life, I would highly recommend that you consider starting a blog.

You can start right here.