17 Key Benefits of a Personal Blog Today

are there benefits of having a personal blog

A lot has changed in our lives over the last couple of months and years. It is a global change in the way people and companies work. The changes have given rise to increase use of remote working or working from home. Blogging as a profession is on the rise and this begs the question; what are there benefits of a personal blog today?

I asked myself this same question before starting my blogging business. To get answers, I did research as to the benefits of professional blogging and why you should consider this business.

Blogging as a career has benefits you can enjoy. You get a flexible schedule, can work from anywhere and you make money from your blog.

If you have been seeking a way out of your 9 to 5 job, you can consider blogging as a career or full time profession.

Blogging is considered a recession-proof alternative. You can scale the blogging business while enjoying the lifestyle that comes with blogging.

These benefits make blogging a very lucrative career option for you today.

Is Blogging a Good Career Option?

Blogging can be a good career option if you take it seriously. It is a great way for you to earn passive income.

When you start a blog, you get a chance to build a business and you become your own boss. You can escape your 9 to 5 job and become a blogger.

If you are new to blogging, you can invest in a blogging course that will give you a step y step guide on how to create a successful blog.

Bottom line is that benefits of professional blogging are numerous especially if you want to earn more money, without having to wait years to do so and to be your own boss.

A career in blogging allows you to have your own schedule, work from anywhere and have more time to spend with your family and loved ones.

17 Key Benefits of a Personal Blog Today

Here are the reasons that make me think that blogging is a good career option;

  1. Source of income

If you are looking for a way to earn or make money online, blogging is a good option.

It is possible to start and grow an income-generating blog. You will need to work hard and understand your audience needs.

Once you get blog traffic you can then monetize your blog and start earning money.

  1. Enhances your profile.

A blog can help enhance your professional or business profile. It is good when you create and publish helpful content.

Doing this provides you with a platform to build your industry profile.

  1. Exposure to your industry.

Having a blog is one of the ways you can expose yourself to your industry.

As mentioned earlier, a blog will increase your professional profile and people within your industry will know you.

  1. Compliments your resume.

In today’s world of increased internet connectivity, a blog can compliment your resume.

You can use your blog to showcase your skills and expertise.

It is a known fact that recruiters also check out your online presence. You can make a point by having a blog that stands out and speaks on your behalf.

  1. Learn new skills.

Starting and build a blog as a beginner is not easy. There is a steep learning curve.

To be a successful blogger, you will need to learn new skills. These include keyword research writing skills, how to drive blog traffic and monetization strategies.

  1. Expand your network.

Blogging is a good career option as it helps you expend your network.

You will be able to meet new people. They could be bloggers, or from brands that you might work with.

If your blog is read by people these are new people you are interacting with through your blog.

  1. Establishes your digital presence.

The world has embraced internet and digital platforms as a way of life.

Blogging provides you with an opportunity to establish and build a digital profile or presence.

  1. You are able to stay current.

If you think of blogging as a good career option, you should also think of the work it involves.

To provide valuable and helpful content, you need to stay current.

This means your blog will make you understand what is going on in your industry or world in general.

  1. Helps you establish authority.

One of the reasons that make me think that blogging is a good career or business option is; you are able to establish your authority on a topic.

Topical authority is big when it comes to blogging. That is why you would be smart to find a niche to focus on.

  1. Improves your writing skills.

Blogging involves a whole lot of writing. You create and publish content. That is what blogging is all about.

As a blogger, you will need to learn and improve your writing skills. The beauty of this is that the skills are transferable to other aspects of your career.

  1. Global market reach.

This is one of my best reasons why I started blogging.

If you think about it, blogging is a good career or business option because it provides you with an opportunity to expand your market.

You can be able to reach a global market with blogging. It becomes an opportunity for you to scale your business to new markets.

  1. Deeper connection with your clients.

When you do blogging right, you are going to be able to build systems that help you serve your audience well.

The systems are going to create an environment for you to have deeper connection with your audience.

One such system is email marketing. You can engage with your audience by sending them emails and interacting with them.

You can try Aweber email marketing platform to achieve this.

  1. Build an online brand.

I think blogging is a good career option in helping you build and create your online brand.

There are many professionals who have been able to build and monetize their online brands.

You just need to look at the various influencers in your industry. They include YouTubers, Instagrammers and other bloggers

  1. Document your life.

Many people start blogs to make extra income or as a source of passive income.

However, you can also create a personal blog to document your private life. This will allow you to look back in time and remember about your life.

  1. You can build business.

From personal experience, I actually think blogging is a good career option and also a business option.

You can be able to build a blogging business.

The idea would be to start a blog and turn it into a full-time business. You can grow it into an income generating asset.

Some of the most successful website that you read today are actually blogs. They generate millions of dollars each month for the owners.

  1. Location independent.

In a world that is moving towards remote working or working from home, blogging is a great option.

One of the major benefits is that blogging provides you with ability to work from anywhere in the world.

As a professional or an entrepreneur, this flexibility is such a good idea. You are not limited to one location.

  1. You are in charge of your own schedule.

As mentioned above, blogging allows you to work from any location. With your laptop and internet connection, you can be able to work from a location that is convenient to you.

In addition, blogging is a good career option because it gives you power to control your own schedule.

You decide on the time you will work. This allows you to have a better work and life balance.

Is Blogging Good for Your Career?

For you to build a career blogging, you should know the basic economics.

The consumption of content has been increasing over the past couple of years. In fact, in 2020 and 2021, there has been increased usage of internet.

This means you have more people today are consuming blog content than any other time in history of blogging.

The reasons for this are the prevalence of smart phones, cheap internet connections and increased literacy rates across the globe.

You can start a blog and grow a career out of it. There are tons of blog niches, in which there are no quality content written.

Said simply, there is no enough content on the web to feed the ever growing content consumers. Blogging would be the great choice as a profession.

Is Blogging a Stable Job?

This is one of the question beginner bloggers or people who are interested in blogging ask.

The truth is like every other thing in life, no career in guaranteed. Blogging comes with risks such as platform risks, changes in algorithms and demonetization.

However, blogging has demonstrated that it can provide you with stability as a job and career.

You are in charge of your schedule and your work determines how much you earn from your blog.

Is Blogging a Good Idea?

From my experience so far, blogging is a good idea. Blogging as an idea provides you with career or business option.

When you start blogging, you will face a steep learning curve. This will force you to improve your writing skills among other things.

One thing from this that makes blogging a good idea is your ability to write. Through writing blog posts often, you will get a good idea of what your audience responds to.

This is going to improve and stretch your creativity, helping you to write what people love to read.

By doing this, you will be able to grow your audience and increase your blog readership as well as reach.

As you have read in this article, blog traffic is very important. It plays a role in how you monetize your blog.

Can I Succeed in Blogging?

One of the best ways to make money online is through blogging. You can start a blog and build a career out of blogging.

However, to succeed as a blogger, you need to work hard, research and dedicate your efforts towards growing your blog.

So the simple answer to this question is; yes, you can succeed in blogging.

A number of factors play into your blogging success. It is your responsibility to ensure you read and educate yourself about blogging.

One way you can avoid blogging mistakes and reduce the learning curve is by enrolling on a blogging course.

I have written an in depth article of the worth of blogging courses and you should read it. You will gain much value.


In conclusion, blogging today is considered a very lucrative full time career option. You can be able to start and grow your blog into a big business.

If you have been wondering where there are benefits of a personal blog, I hope this resource has helped you understand the value you can create with a blog.

Making money from blogging is today a real thing. You will meet bloggers who make full-time income from their blogs. You can also become one of them and earn a full-time income from your personal blog.

Others have grown their blogs into multi-million business. One such example is Huffington Post which was started by Arianna Huffington. It is estimated the blog generates over $14 millions dollars per month in gross income.

While that might not be your goal, it shows you can be able to generate income from your blog.

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I would like you to think of what an additional $5000 dollars can mean to your life. Blogging can provide you with an opportunity to have such as your career option.