9 Best Lessons from Top Bloggers – Secrets to a Profitable Blog

best lessons from top bloggers

If you are starting a blog, it is possible you think it is daunting and that can be overwhelming. However, on of the things you can do is try to get or learn lessons from the top earning bloggers.

This is something am constantly doing to improve my blogging business. In fact, I created a resource with about 40 top income earning bloggers whose stories will inspire and encourage you.

There are very many new blogs being created every day. However, only a few of them will actually succeed. The success of your blog depends entirely on you.

You should therefore seek as much information as possible before you start your blog.

This will ensure that your foundation is right and your overall blog strategy is good.

9 Key Lessons from Top Bloggers to Build a Successful Blog

There are a number of bloggers out there who have been able to achieve great success. I have taken time to study what they do, with the hope of learning how to improve my blog or content for my blog.

You can also learn a lot from the successful as well as bloggers who are earning high income from their blogs. It means they are doing something right.

Here are the top 9 best lessons from top earning bloggers;

  1. Take small or baby steps.
  2. Undertake keyword research.
  3. Become an expert in your niche.
  4. Monetize your blog.
  5. Provide valuable content.
  6. Be consistent with your content.
  7. Connect with your audience’s mind.
  8. Learn Search Engine Optimization.
  9. Create a system that works for you.

These are some lessons from top bloggers you can use to start and grow your blog

Key Lessons to Grow a Successful and Income Earning Blog.

Like I have said above, you can learn a lot from observing or understanding what other successful bloggers are doing.

It is smart to be guided by people who have already achieved what you are working towards. This does not mean you copy them but you can use their ideas and tips to become a successful blogger.

Now, let us look into those lessons;

  1. Take Small or Baby Steps 

The key to running a successful blog is by ensuring you make the right choices to lay out the foundations of your blog.

This is in terms of deciding how to start a blog, selecting a niche, converting your content into earning, pricing, and branding yourself.

  1. Undertake Keyword Research

One thing to always remember is that quality research leads to  effective optimization and beneficial results.

This is the equation you should be focusing on, why is that?

For a blog to be successful, you need traffic, the only way to get traffic onto your blog is to make it credible and relevant.

Once you have picked out the niche, you have a passion for writing about, conduct in-depth keyword research to optimize your content and increase organic traffic.

With the help of keyword research, you can map out the latest trends, which words have the highest search volume, and most importantly they can capitalize on the market on a whole and increase organic search traffic.

  1. Become an Expert in Your Niche

People will only want to listen to what you have to say if the content you produce is of high quality.

To become a successful blogger, the key is to pick a blog niche that you are passionate about and know about. If you have taken on a niche that you do not know much about, then expand your knowledge about it.

This can be done by:

  • In-depth research about the topic
  • Observing the content of top bloggers in that specific niche
  • Make reading a daily habit
  • Attend conferences and be a part of discussions related to your niche.

As you can see, there is an opportunity for you if you can demonstrate expertise in your niche or industry.

  1. Monetize Your Blog 

Move with the evolving world and make money from the content you produce. This can be done in various forms. Here are the crucial ways of monetizing your blog:

  • Launch your own products or services: Launching your own product or service line can help establish your credibility. People are more likely to buy your services when they see and look up to you as an expert of the industry. So, once you’ve established room for yourself as an industry expert, offer a service to other businesses.
  • Run profitable online courses: Expanding on your own service or product line, start running online courses. Involve yourself in coaching services with the help of Teachable and Thinkific. It will help you make money from the knowledge you spread.
  • Gain followers and revenue with webinars: You can also run your own free and paid webinars. Through webinars, there is a 46% chance of generating a sale, not only that you can get the chance to speak to and influence more people.
  • Make money with affiliate marketing: Lastly, focus on maximizing affiliate marketing for your blog. In essence, affiliate marketing is the sales commission that you earn when a customer purchases a product or service through the link you shared in your blog. This way, you can earn money passively.

The above are some of the ways you can use to monetize your blog and start earning an income,

  1. Provide Valuable Content 

As a blogger, people look to you as a credible source for information and knowledge.

Why not transfer your knowledge to others through consulting.

Many bloggers have turned to provide consulting services to individuals who read their blogs.

For example, Dan Walker’s and Instagram Analytics has made $210,000 in under six months. He started blogging, and now he is providing Instagram consultancy services, in the same field, to those who reach out to him.

  1. Be Consistent With Your Content 

Consistency and commitment will help you connect with your viewers and keep you motivated.

On average, a blogger should at least post once a week to retain their audience. If that is not done, ultimately, your readers will forget about you, and competitors may capture their attention.

At the same time, you should not compromise on the blog quality. Stay committed to delivering informational and helpful content. Moreover, being consistent will push you towards more opportunities for yourself and your blog.

  1. Connect with your Audience’s Mind

A great chunk of running a successful blog is dependent on choosing the audience you want to serve.

You cannot create your content and decide who your audience is, times have changed.

Now you need to tailor your content according to your audience to provide them with a more personalized experience and value.

Take Neil Patel’s blog, for example. He provides his audience with content that answers their questions and provides solutions to their digital marketing queries.

The consumers of your content are the readers, so you need to ensure that you are delivering the right content to the right people, content that is connecting with their minds, which is of use to them.

  1. Learn Search Engine Optimization.

One of the other lessons you will learn for the top earning bloggers is the skill related to search engine optimization.

This is very critical in ensuring you write the right content that will drive traffic from search engines.

  1. Create a System that work for you.

The successful bloggers have demonstrated the ability to create system that work for them.

This is one of the best lessons from top bloggers you can use and implement as you build your blog.

This system would include how you pick a topic, doing keyword research, picking affiliate products and how you write your posts as well how you run the entire blogging business.

Another key lesson is ability to have a traffic generation, email marketing and monetization systems working in harmony.

Why Choose Blogging as a Full-Time Business

Would you rather remain stuck in a job or a paycheck to paycheck life that you despise, or start earning well from the passion that would also allow you to grow both as a person and as a professional?

Most highest paid bloggers entered the market for the sake of sharing their experience. They never thought of it as a career or becoming a millionaire.

Their journey was focused on helping other people by sharing their knowledge.

However, over time it has become their only source of income that they enjoy as well.

This will not only give you a chance to make quick money. You will get a chance to share your experiences, learning, and knowledge with those reading your content.

Many even turn to blogs as a side hustle to make money, but in the end, they choose it as a full-time business once they earn enough.

How you can Start a Blog Business

Give it a thought and if you are interested in building a blogging business, start with purchasing a domain for the name of the blog.

After that, create a WordPress website with a theme that suits your blog idea the best. This would give you authority over gauging your success by employing different analytics and tools in the website.

Moreover, you can also keep updating your website as you go along according to your taste and style.

Blogging will help you kick start your career or side business with little to no investment and generate $5k or more in monthly revenues in less than 12 months.

So, start turning your dream into reality and learn how to start a blog.


In conclusion, it is important to seek ways to learn from already successful bloggers. What I have covered above are some of the best lessons from top bloggers that you can use.

With internet today, most of this information is just a click away from you.

However, you should be careful not to become intimated by the results of top earning bloggers to the extent that you do not take action.

Use their successes as motivation for you to do more and create a blog with a clear goal to succeed.